Album Review: Switchfoot – Fading West

Switchfoot releases their ninth album, Fading West, and takes a step in another direction musically. Their major-label debut album The Beautiful Letdown dropped when I was a junior in high school. “Dare You To Move” and “Meant To Live” were pretty popular songs that everyone seemed to fall in love with. Regretfully, I lost track of Switchfoot and since then they’ve released a few albums over the years: Nothing Is Sound, Oh! Gravity., Hello Hurricane, and Vice Verses.

It took them three years to perfect Fading West and I am pleasantly surprised. Their new album is proof of the band’s musical progression and it was a step in the right direction. As a fan of older Switchfoot, I am also enjoying the new indie rock feel these guys are giving off. However, “When We Come Alive” and “The World You Want” allows classic Switchfoot to shine through on this album―sporting their passionate, guitar-based alternative sound that their fans fell in love with. U2-esque inspiration is apparent throughout the album as well. Jon Foreman’s melodic, emotional range conveys the sentiment throughout their album when singing about life’s struggles: rising up, “Love Alone Is Worth The Fight, religion, and lost generations.

Fading West is an upbeat, rhythmic album that will entice a whole new audience to fall in love with them, but will also please their long-time listeners.

Get the album on Switchfoot’s official site, Amazon, and iTunes.