Wonky Tonk Love is a Four Letter Word

Single Review: Wonky Tonk – Four Letter Word

While my musical tastes have broadened quite a bit since starting UBL, I still find myself unable to enjoy most country music. I have, however, become much more willing to give new music a chance even it falls pretty close into the realm of country music. It was clear from the first glance that I got of Jasmine “Wonky Tonk” Poole that her single, “Four Letter Word,” was probably not going to be just like any other country song I had heard.

The opening guitar riffs paired with the warmly lit images of a home feel like they could have come out of any country music video. It isn’t until we cut to Poole’s bleach blonde framed face that you start to think that this isn’t your average country song. Poole’s airy vocals have a slight twain to them that make it easy to just get swept up in sweet sounding track. If I hadn’t watched the video first, it might have taken me a few listens to realize the song’s true meaning.

Poole herself explains that “This song can not exist without the video and the video is meaningless without the song.” It’s easy to get swept up in the simple, upbeat plucks of the guitar that dance so well under Poole’s delicate vocals. Visuals like an embroidered statement of “Wherever you are, That’s where I’ll be…”, in a picture frame that reads “Scam” make it so you have to pay attention to Poole’s tongue-in-cheek lyrics force the listener to actively pay attention to the lyrics in order to make sense of the raw visuals.

While, like most country songs, “Four Letter Word” is about lost love, Poole manages to stand out with her willingness to completely expose herself for her craft. “Four Letter Word” is a perfect breakup song to swig whiskey to while you sing along at the top of your lungs.