Single Review: Tim Korenich – Darlin’

Winter finally seems to be dying a slow death and with it goes the winter blues and a lot of stress. 2015 has not been an easy year so far (hence the lack of activity here) but things seem to be looking up which means it’s time to get back into the swing of things and Tim Korenich’s new single, “Darlin'”, seems like a great place to start. Korenich released a 6 song EP, Change of Pace, back in September to some great reviews and is already churning out new music. Korenich explores various musical styles throughout the EP and continues to do so on his new single.

Starting out with some lazy guitars and a head bobbin’ beat, the track infuses 70’s easy rock ala Van Morrison with the folk sound that was laced throughout Change of Pace. Korenich’s vocals come in quietly but still manage to be filled with so much emotion. The track is both dreamy and provocative as it drifts along adding some sexy sax and soulful guitar along the way. “Darlin'” is really just another great example of what Korenich can do best. He manages to keep the track simple without it being boring, making you want to hit repeat each time it ends. Korenich also showcases that he can branch out and explore new musical stylings while keeping everything cohesive. “Darlin'” has a few similarities to the tracks on Change of Pace, but for the most part is completely new territory. And yet, it could still be placed on the same album and it wouldn’t feel out of place.

After listening to “Darlin'” and Change of Pace multiple times I’m interested to hear hear what Koerenich would do with a full length LP. Until that happens, I’m content to simply listen to “Darlin'” on repeat for the foreseeable future.

You can name your price the single on Bandcamp