The Curls

Single Review: The Curls – Bad Boi

Fresh off their Pitchfork Music Festival performance, Chicago’s own The Curls have just released their killer new single “Bad Boi.” The new track from the art-pop sextet is a charming tale of love and rebellion.

“Bad Boi” starts with some charming horns, a bouncy beat, and enchanting backing vocals. Singer Mick Fansler croons about being a “bad boi” (he did light a cigarette inside after all) but shows his softer side on the chorus. “But when you hold me, I don’t feel so lonely.” The track then slows down a bit into a hazy admission of truth. “But baby everything we believed in was fiction” Fansler sings over warbly backing vocals.

Nat Alder and Connor Wiles of New Trash Productions created a perfect video that completely fits the track. Fansler’s bad boi hides out while the FBI closes in. He’s eventually dragged into the street where Protestors assault him with various veggies before he’s taken away to be interrogated.

The interrogation intensifies and Fansler is sentenced but tragedy strikes as he’s being taken away. As the song slows down we experience Fansler’s afterlife which feels like a surreal merging of Top of the Pops and the Brian De Palma’s classic, Carrie.

Fansler’s idea of what makes one a bad boi might be a little off, but the song is killer. Catchy and danceable, “Bad Boi” also manages to have a sense of humor while still being honest. The video only makes the track and Fansler more endearing.

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