Single Review: Tart – Rabid Dogs

Back when we were first starting out here at Under Bright Lights, we hit the Secret Friends Fest where we got to discover so many talented Michigan bands. The first band on that night was Tart, a two-piece out of Detroit composed of guitarist Adam Padden and vocalist Zee Bricker. Their electronic / pop / rock infused jams were a great way to start that cold January night at the Loving Touch in Ferndale.

Since then, Padden and Bricker have been touring and working on new music, including a new single, “Rabid Dogs”. The track is dominated by Padden’s catchy guitar hooks complimented nicely by a heavy, driving beat and glitchy samples. It’s clear that the duo have spent some time finding and polishing their sound a bit since the last time I saw them almost a year ago. They sound more confident, more comfortable and that makes for a strong single.

Bricker’s vocals range from the early pop of Madonna to an edgier punk sound closer to that of Justine Frischmann of Elastica mixed with some Live Through This era Courtney Love. There’s an ominous, dangerous tone to her vocals on “Rabid Dog” that mix well with the thumping beat and guitars. The track is well crafted and perfectly layered in a way that leaves me wanting to hear more and yearning to hear the track performed live.