Single Review: San Cristobal – Mr. Wise Man / Lovely Lisa

It’s been almost a year since I first reviewed Jacob Sigman’s Virginia EP. The five songs showed a lot of talent and promise for the young singer song-writer and I was further impressed when I got to see Sigman and his band, San Cristobal, open up for Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers. We got a peek at a few new tracks that night including two new singles, “Mr. Wise Man” and “Lovely Lisa”. San Cristobal has gotten the songs recorded and put them out into the world so I thought it fitting that we give them a proper review.

“Mr. Wise Man” is an interesting mix of Billy Joel and Sgt. Pepper era Beatles. The track starts with a simple piano and Sigman’s breathy croon adding layers slowly until after the chorus when it kicks it up a bit. The track is a wonderful little piece of nostalgia that shows just what San Cristobal can do. The track is well layered, featuring the musical talents of each band member but never feels overcrowded. The chorus will hook you and soon you’ll be bouncing along to the infectious beat.

“Lovely Lisa” is another track that takes inspiration from 60’s and 70’s rock. The track focuses a bit more on the piano, guitars, and Sigman’s impressive vocal range but is just as impressive as “Mr. Wise Man”. There are a few false endings to the song that take it down to almost nothing before building back up to feature the band’s musical talents and Sigman’s impressive vocal range. There’s a wonderful sax solo from Dean Tartaglia (Silent Lions) before the track breaks in a quick drum solo before closing out.

What’s clear from both singles is that San Cristobal has found their sound and aren’t afraid to experiment a little, allowing themselves to jam out a bit. There’s a lot of talent here and as long as the guys can continue along this path they have a long future ahead of themselves.

You can pick up both singles on Bandcamp for $5.