Single Review: Parade of Lights – Feeling Electric

One of our favorite new finds of last year is about to release their first full length LP. Parade of Lights gave us a little sample of what to expect from Feeling Electric with the title track earlier this week and it reminds me of why I originally fell in love with the band to begin with.

We got our first taste of Parade of Lights just over a year ago when they opened up for Royal Teeth at The Pike Room. Jaci and I snatched up their Golden EP immediately and she gave it a glowing review for good reason (seriously go and give it a listen if you haven’t).

“Feeling Electric” is another little electro-pop gem that will have you up and moving from the moment the track bursts to life. Barking synths and pulsating drums drive the track from start to finish with some flair and panache added by Michelle Ashley’s keyboard skills. The hooks rival that of their song, “Golden”, making it a radio ready anthem for the summer of 2015. Listening to “Feeling Electric” makes me want to dust of Golden (it’s been a while since it was playing non-stop through my headphones) and blast it and this new single up until Feeling Electric drops on June 2nd.

You can preorder Feeling Electric over on iTunes and get an instant download of the title track. And if you can, be sure to check out Parade of Lights live show, they’re opening up for AWOLNATION this summer.