Single Review: PALACES – Dust / Telephone

Detroit’s own PALACES is hard at work churning out new music, giving us another set of hypnotic singles on the tail of the release of “Axiomatic” and “Let Me Get Higher.” Cat Cobra and S.S. continue to explore numerous genres and sounds crafting another pair of unique singles that will have you forgetting whatever is going on in your life and getting completely lost in the music.

Like “Axiomatic,” the Detroit duo show off their dark side with “Dust,” though it’s not immediately apparent. Glistening guitars work to lull you into a false sense of security, shrouding the foreboding bass that is lurking just underneath the surface. It’s not until the chorus when you’re left really feeling the unease that Cat Cabro and S.S. have created on this opening track. It’s probably one of my favorite things about PALACES, the darkness of their tracks make it so you don’t want to distract yourself from the sounds coming through your speakers, pulling you into their world until the last track ends.

“Telephone” may just be my favorite track that PALACES has released so far. The Detroit duo mix their signature pscyh shoegaze sound with some Pixies / Velvet Underground rock which is right up my alley. The guitars and synths are brighter than their previous tracks but underneath it all lurks the dark synths that dominate their other tracks “Dust” and “Axiomatic.” Even after listening to “Telephone” several times on repeat, I’m still finding new layers of sound.

I can’t help but continue to be blown away by PALACES and the duo’s ability to craft mesmerizing tracks that navigate so easily between doom and gloom and the bright, garage rock that I love so much. It’s almost as if S.S. and Cat Cobra craft their tracks specifically with me in mind.

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