Single Review: PALACES – Axiomatic / Let Me Get Higher

There’s no shortage of great musical acts coming out of Detroit these days and we here at UBL love finding new music from our hometown to share with the world. Recently I was introduced to the fuzzy shoegaze sound of PALACES and I can’t help but fall victim to the hypnotic pull of their new singles.

I was hooked on the foreboding synths and guitars of “Axiomatic” as soon as they started coming through my headphones. The beat is heavy and the dreary electronic layers will leave you feeling like you’re in a daze. Everything about this track puts you on edge but you won’t be able to resist hitting the repeat button when the song comes to an end.

“Let Me Get Higher” is the brighter side of this single. The synths and beat are lighter and will have you bouncing around in your chair in no time. Like “Axiomatic” you’re pulled into the song easily, mesmerized by the perfectly created sounds that PALACES has produced. Featuring the two tracks side by side is a great way for the duo to showcase what they are capable of and that they aren’t afraid to mix and experiment with different genres.

You can pick up “Axiomatic” and “Let Me Get Higher” on Bandcamp and iTunes.