Single Review: Michigander – Nineties

I’ve been waiting for new music from Kalamazoo’s own Jason Singer, aka Michigander, since I first discovered him while perusing the Real Feels video archive late one night. As there were only a limited number of tracks I could find from Michigander, seeing them on the roster for Fusion Show’s Eighth Birthday Bash this year was a huge selling point. Singer put on a great set in the packed Pike Room that night and I couldn’t help but get giddy with the promise of new music coming out in the near future. The day has finally come and I’m happy to report that the wait was well worth it.

Michigander’s debut single, “Nineties” aptly captures the feeling of nostalgia when thinking about the ease and beauty of childhood. With my life being as stressful and hectic as it’s been lately, I find myself often wishing for a just a moment of the simplicity and freedom of you th. Putting on “Nineties” allows me three and a half minutes of closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and allowing all the obligations and stresses of my life to disappear.

The opening drums, clangy guitars, and horns remind me a bit of Prawn’s “Scud Running” and hooked me immediately. Singer’s vocal timbre is low yet still manages to pack an emotional punch at just the right moment, much like one of my all time favorite singer / songwriters, Andy Hull (Manchester Orchestra, Right Away, Great Captain). “Nineties” allows Singer to showcase his prowess for crafting beautiful and affecting tracks. The melodies are simple during the verses, which let Singer’s lyrics take center stage. “Nineties” builds nice and slow, really opening up around the three minute mark before falling back off again.

It feels like I’ve been waiting a long time for this new track but I can say that it was well worth the wait. “Nineties” is a perfect little tune that captures a moment of nostalgia and allows the listener to let the world around them fall away while they get swept up in the track. More importantly, I’m left wanting more and finding myself listening to “Nineties” on repeat as I wait ever so patiently for Michigander’s next release.

Make sure to pick up “Nineties” over on iTunes.