Single Review: Lights & Caves – Daydreamer

It’s been just over a year since I saw the Lansing based band, Lights & Caves play The Pike Room so they’ve kind of been off my radar. Listening to their album, In Santori, to prepare for this write up reminds me of why I was excited for that night in the first place. There’s a lot of potential on the album and I remember being excited to hear the guys debut new songs during that set.

I was just perusing Facebook and saw that the guys played some new music for Real Feels so I gave the track a listen and instantly fell in love. It’s not often that I’m moved to come here and do a review right after hearing something for the first time so it really says something that that’s exactly what I did before even finishing “Daydreamer”. There’s a lot of depth to the track and the guys are showing some real growth as musicians here.

“Daydreamer” kicks off with some great echoy samples and drums before the glistening guitars kick in. Everything backs down for Dillon Gorden’s vocals to take center stage. The track picks up after that for the hook laden chorus and builds up from there. There’s a bit of everything going on but “Daydreamer” never feels overwrought. The electronic elements mix nicely with the signature indie rock sound of Lights & Caves, never feeling out of place or like the band is trying too hard. Everything flows together seamlessly crafting a beautifully layered little indie rock gem that I can’t seem to get enough of. Hearing “Daydreamer” leaves me wanting more from the guys and I can’t wait for their second album and to see where they can go from here.