Single Review: Keyoung – Blood Charm

One thing that blogging about music has brought out in me is a more open mind when it comes to new bands. Often I find myself thinking about how a new artist that I’ve discovered either organically or at a concert would not have appealed to me even just a couple of years ago. This is exactly what I was thinking as I listened to the new single, “Blood Charm,” from Keyoung for the first time. The spoken word element would have thrown me off immediately and I would have turned the track off before ever giving it a chance. Thankfully more exposure to different types and genres of music has broadened my horizons and I find myself unable to resist the pull of “Blood Charm.”

Keyoung wastes no time throwing the listener right into the atmospheric haze of “Blood Charm,” layering ominous elements one after another. The layers continue to build and grow louder as Keyoung lays down his opening verse exploding when guest vocalists David Powers (Young Adult) and Becky Meadows (Get in the Ark) pick up the chorus. The track does not drop back down right away as many would, allowing the chaos to continue as Keyoung continues to pack a powerful punch of emotion into the second verse.

As I listen to Keyoung’s previous release, Left Handed Son, I’m struck with just how far he has come in the nearly two years since that release and “Blood Charm.” Don’t get me wrong, Left Handed Son is no less affecting than “Blood Charm,” but it’s immediately obvious from the opening notes of “Blood Charm” that Keyoung has grown as an artist. The music is bigger and flows much easier with Keyoung’s lyrics helping you step into his mind and feel everything he’s feeling as the words pour over you.

Stepping out of my comfort zone and opening my mind a bit has been one of the best things that blogging about music has given me. There are so many artists that I would have never discovered beforehand and Keyoung is definitely one of them. Now I find myself excited to see where Keyoung’s music takes me next.

“Blood Charm” is currently available as a pay what you want download over on Bandcamp.