Single Review: Hayden Calnin – Cut Love

If you haven’t had your ear tuned to the music coming out of the Land Down Under recently then you’re definitely missing out on some great music. Most recently Hayden Calnin has been making a splash as his songs have popped up on several popular TV shows (Suits, Parenthood, and Teen Wolf) as well as appearing in the UK and Japanese trailers for the Oscar-nominated film, Room. You only need to listen to his small yet impressive discography to figure out why Calnin’s star is on the rise. His ability to mix folk with electronic elements has drawn comparisons to the likes of Bon Iver, M83, and Beach House.

Calnin is on the cusp of releasing not one, but two new albums this spring and in anticipation of that he has released the first single from Cut Love Pt 1. “Cut Love” offers a glimpse of Calnin at his best as he drifts between folk and electronic throughout it’s nearly eight minute run. “Cut Love” builds from a rhythmic ambient beat to slow paced piano chords that continue throughout the track. Calnin’s vocals come in, layering over themselves in a atmospheric harmony that will take your breath away.

“Cut Love” is an experiment that works beautifully in a way that will thrill you even with its slow pace. Even at eight minutes long, the track feels like it’s just not long enough and I’m left yearning for more. At first listen, “Cut Love” feels relatively simple but you’ll find yourself exploring the numerous textures Calnin layers throughout. But my favorite thing about Calnin’s music is that I can put it on and simply let it carry me away, leaving everything else behind. My anticipation for Cut Love Pt 1 seems to grow each time I listen to “Cut Love,” and I find myself very grateful that it will be closely followed by the release of Cut Love Pt 2.