Single Review: Ghost Town Remedy – Super Glue

Nashville quartet Ghost Town Remedy are back again with new single, “Super Glue”, off their upcoming, yet to be titled sophomore album. I was a big fan of Ghost Town Remedy’s first album, Caffeine Dreams, so I’m very excited to see new music coming from the foursome.

Ghost Town Remedy have a knack for pulling inspiration from different genres and melding them together perfectly across their songs. “Super Glue” airs on the rock side of the band’s eclectic sound with subtle hints of Nintendo rock. There are some truly shred worthy guitar riffs on this one. One again the quartet show that they know how to craft a hook that sinks its teeth into you and doesn’t let go.

“Super Glue” is about the feeling of a relationship gone wrong and the “ripping off of the Band-Aid” that happens when you decide to end that relationship. Specifically the toll the relationship takes on your well being. “Sleep like shit, the ghost of you still haunts my head / Wake up dead, when you’re not there, I’m by myself again / I’m at my worst, you finished first instead / It’s time to change, before I’m sleeping on my deathbed” drummer / vocalist Steve Lane sings before a raging guitar solo charges in.

The band worked with videographer Johnathan Cochran, with band members Lane and TJ Maher taking on directing roles to bring the video for “Super Glue” to life. The LARPing video game theme of the video fits the feel of the song perfectly as if the song were written with the video concept in mind. “Super Glue” has me pretty excited for the forthcoming album and shows that Ghost Town Remedy is a band to keep your eye on.

You can purchase or stream “Super Glue” on Amazon, Bandcamp, Google, iTunes, or Spotify.