Single Review: Dead Seem Old – Mischief

London based project Dead Seem Old is back with a new single, “Mischief.” Once again songwriter Thom Wicks and producer Javier Weyler (Phil Manzanera, Stereophonics) come together to create a minimal yet captivating single along the same lines as the duo’s previous releases “They Won’t Find Us” and “This Mess Won’t Make Itself.”

Wicks and Weyler work together like a well-oiled machine, blending analog and digital instrumentation together perfectly. While the duo tends to keep things minimal, the resulting song is always punchy pop melodies infused with street music sensibilities that make it near impossible not to fall under their spell. Once again Dead Seems Old explores our dark sides with sensual beats and catchy hooks.

What I truly love about Dead Seem Old’s music is that it is always accompanied by mesmerizing visuals that tie into the song perfectly. Much like the video for “This Mess Won’t Make Itself,” the animation for “Mischief,” directed by Mateusz Jarmulski, feels like a painting coming to life. While the video for “This Mess Won’t Make Itself” felt like a whimsical dream come to life, “Mischief” looks like it came from the mind of Stanley Kubrick, think Eyes Wide Shuts meets A Clockwork Orange.

While “Mischief” is a strong single on its own, the three singles along with their visual companions work best when they all come together. I’m enjoying the musical journey Dead Seem Old have been weaving over their last three singles and can’t wait to see where the story they’re telling takes me next.

You can download the single on Amazon, Google, or iTunes.