Single Review: Cayucas – Moony Eyed Walrus

I got swept up in the rabbit hole that is SoundCloud this past weekend and stumbled upon another soon to be summer anthem for 2015. Cayucas has popped up on my radar a few times, specifically after the release of their first album, Big Foot, back in 2013. The release of their newest single, “Moony Eyed Walrus”, was like a slap in the face that says ‘WHY AREN’T YOU LISTENING TO THESE GUYS?!?!?’ that I needed.

Twins Ben and Zach Yudin have put their power together to craft a track that shows off their Californian roots. Cascading guitars and bass riffs evoke an almost Beach Boys feel while whimsical strings swell below. Some synths show up late in the track under some drawn out “oohs” as the track winds down a bit before building back up for the triumphant close.

“Moony Eyed Walrus” grabs my attention from the beginning and never lets ago. After listening to the track a dozen or so times, there’s no doubt in my mind that Cayucas has crated an album that will be filled with summer anthems for 2015.

You can preorder Dancing at the Blue Lagoon, which drops June 23rd, on iTunes, Amazon, or on the band’s official site.