Single Review: Basic Cable Preachers – Tomorrow’s Gone

If you’re not paying attention to the Columbus music scene you are doing yourself a huge disservice. My most recent discovery is the psch-rock with a pop twist quartet Basic Cable Preachers and their track “Tomorrow’s Gone.”

I don’t watch many music videos these days but I’m glad that it was the first experience I had with the band and this song in particular. The trippy visuals are a perfect representation of the track and enhance the music nicely. A pulsing beat reverberates under singer Patrick Schlafer’s warbly vocals on the opening drawing the listener in. The splattered colored swirls projected onto the dancer as she moves in time with the music compliment the hooky guitars.

“Tomorrow’s Gone is a bit of an evolution for us as a band, sonically and thematically. The video is an abstract representation of that transformation.” says Schlafer of the video. After a quick listen to the band’s first album, Ma, it’s easy to see what the singer is talking about. While Ma is a great little rock album, it lacks the vast soundscape that “Tomorrow’s Gone” has throughout.

If you haven’t already immersed yourself in the music scene of Columbus, consider Basic Cable Preachers a great introduction. Their synth-tinged psychdelic rock sound has already evolved quite a bit since their first album so it’s clear that the only place for them to go is up.