New Discovery: XING

This is more of a newish discovery as I actually stumbled across these guys a few months ago but failed to bring them to the attention of our readers. I’m looking to right that wrong today as this is a band that should definitely be on your radar if they aren’t already.

XING (pronounced “Crossing”), aka Jack Moore and AR Smith, uploaded a demo of “Fate” onto Soundcloud a couple of years ago just to get some opinions from friends. Soon the duo found that their track had spread like wild fire, gaining 150,000 plays organically before their eyes. After listening to the track (over and over and over again), it’s easy to figure out why. The hooks are catchy and “Fate” makes for the perfect track to listen to while you lounge around in the sun all day, sipping on piña coladas, or whatever your drink of choice may be. Acoustic guitars float under some beautiful harmonizing vocals throughout the entire track. Even after a dozen plus listens I just can’t stop listening.

The guys have another track, “Glimmer”, that you can stream via their Bandcamp page. “Glimmer” kicks off with some driving drums and synths before the vocals show up. Again there’s some great harmonizing over some more electronic sounds than the simple composition of “Fate”. That doesn’t make either track better than the other, it just showcases that XING isn’t just a one trick pony.

Rumor has it that the duo has an EP planned for release this year. I’m hoping that it drops sooner rather than later and that the road to a full length LP and tour aren’t too long after that. Until then I’ll just settle for keeping “Fate” on repeat.