New Discovery: T0W3RS

Sometimes it takes a major shakeup for someone to really find them self. That’s what happened with Derek Torres, aka T0W3RS a couple of years ago after a breakup with his girlfriend-who was a member of T0W3RS- was followed by three other members leaving the group. Instead of giving up on T0W3RS completely, Torres reclaimed the name for his solo act and began work on a new album. While If All We Have Is Time is a solid release, T0W3RS really shines on his newest release, TL;DR. Songs are intricately layered and Torres sounds more confident lyrically and vocally.

Not surprising that TL;DR takes a darker tone than previous releases and perhaps that’s what excels the album past previous releases. Take, for instance, “Raise the Gate” with it’s moody atmosphere created with glitchy synths and hypnotic beat making it feel like it would fit perfectly into a present day noir. Likewise the foreboding synth floating just below the surface of “Let Me In” paired with barely heard repeating vocals create a paranoid atmosphere that you’ll find yourself oddly drawn to.

It’s not all dark and broody though, much of TL;DR is filled with catchy hooks and shimmery guitars. Siren like synths and reverbed drums drive the not quite shoegaze, not quite electronica “The Situation,” which is a definitely a front runner for my favorite track on the album. The atmospheric “P.S. I’m Sorry (A Motor Skills Rework)” starts with some ethereal synths before layering in drums and eventually some sexy sax work. Really there is no low point on the album, and I find myself listening through and struggling to pick just one song that stands out as a clear favorite.

T0W3RS may have gone through a big change but coming back to the original solo artist conception may have been the best thing for Torres. TL;DR is more polished and a bigger sounding album than previous releases and what feels like the first step in Torres truly finding his musical voice.

T0W3RS is currently on tour and this blogger is definitely looking forward to his show in Detroit on August 23rd.