New Discovery: PLGRMS

As my musical horizons broaden, I find myself listening to more and more music that I probably wouldn’t have listened to before starting UBL. Thinking back, I wonder how I didn’t get bored with my music as there wasn’t much variety. Thankfully, my tastes have grown allowing me to enjoy a plethora of genres. Good thing to or I would have completely missed out on the synth drenched pop sounds of Sydney duo PLGRMS

After writing a few tracks down multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Jonathan Bowden struck out to find a vocalist to bring his tracks to life. After an extensive online search, Bowden stumbled across some videos showcasing Jacob Pearson’s unique vocals. Bowden reached out to Pearson, who it turned out, only lived an hour away. The two arranged to meet and eventually PLGRMS was born.


Perhaps PLGRMS’ infectious electronic sound drew me in so quickly because it could almost pass for straight up indie rock. “Gemini” starts with dripping synths over a catchy beat creating an intoxicating combination. Pearson’s vocals melt nicely over the top pulling the listener further under the duo’s spell. According to Bowden “Gemini” is “an examination of the alter ego in which we allow the voice of persuasion in your head is allowed to take control…a bit like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.” PLGRMS manages to channel the same allure as that alter ego’s voice because I can’t seem to stop listening to this track.

Bowden and Pearson take a more relaxed approach on “Fools and Their Gold.” The instrumentals are kept minimal for most of the track allowing Pearson’s silky vocals to shine. Stuttering synths and heavy drums are accentuated by rhythmic claps making this track impossible to resist.


The song that hooked me was “Pieces.” You can almost feel the musical textures layered throughout the addictive track. A pulsing beat builds under Pearson’s vocals as more polished synths and crisp beats are added to the mix. Like all great songs there’s more to discover with each listen.

It’s a good thing that I’m not sick of these three tracks after having them on repeat for days because they are currently the only offerings from PLGRMS. Bowden has said that the duo is currently working on putting together either an EP or full length album but there’s no release date yet. Thankfully these tracks will get me through for a little while but I hope we get something new soon.

For fans of alt-J, Dreamers, and Glass Animals

You can pick up the above tracks on Amazon, Bandcamp, Google, or iTunes