New Discovery: Frazer

I’ve been on a bit of a new music kick lately, scouring the internet for the next band to capture my heart and my ears. While on my journey for new music I stumbled upon the Sheffield fivesome, Frazer. While the band has made quite the reputation for themselves across the pond thanks to their rousing live performances they have yet to really catch on here in the states. It’s hard to believe as I listen to their music, a mix of the Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, and The Black Keys, their guitar heavy riffs and catchy hooks are radio made to be in the next big thing.

The guys release their Two Hands single back in May which only has three tracks while there’s also a handful of tracks over on SoundCloud to sate me for now but they’re definitely enough to hold my interest until the guys release their next string of songs. “Two Hands” is a bit of a blues infused Queens of the Stoneage track with heavy guitar rhythms and some peppy keys that draw you in. Ashley Clarke’s scintillating vocals shine brightly really bringing that blues rock sound home.

The Arctic Monkey’s influence comes in strong on “I Openly Admit,” along with some of The Kooks on Clarke’s vocals. A bouncy guitar opening driven by a simple bass line allow Clarke’s vocals to shine of the verses and on the catchy “Whoa ooh ooh’s” of the chorus. This track is definitely an ear worm that I don’t mind getting caught in my head. While “I Openly Admit” keeps things light and breezy, “Taker Her Out” goes right back to the weighty guitar riffs that Frazer truly kills. I can’t help but get swept up in the sweeping riffs on the hook laden chorus and that raging guitar solo near the end of the track.

Hearing these bluesy rock tracks makes me long to catch Frazer’s live show. There’s nothing like a rowdy rock show to get your blood pumping and energy up, a high that I love chasing as often as I can.

You can pick up Two Hands on Amazon and iTunes.