New Discovery: Fleurie

I was skeptical about checking out the new Scream MTV show but as an avid fan of the original franchise and just a horror lover in general I decided to give it a shot. It’s not amazing but I’m enjoying the ride so far and looking forward to see what else the show has to offer. What I can say is that like many other teen shows throughout the years, there are some really great featured tracks scattered throughout it. During two separate episodes I heard two songs that made me put the show on pause and search to see what they were. I stumbled across Lauren Strahm aka Fleurie, who originally hails from Michigan but currently residing in Nashville.

The first track that had me momentarily stopping my Scream marathon was “There’s a Ghost.” The simple guitar composition paired with Fleurie’s airy vocals basically stole the scene for me, making me feel all the things that hit and miss writing failed to make me feel. I continued on my journey through Scream, stopping once again a few episodes later when I heard the familiar wispy vocals under an emotional montage. Upon Shazaming the track and finding that, once again, I had been drawn in by Fleurie’s emotional songwriting prowess, I took a moment to find out more about this captivating artist. I listened to the entirety of “Hurts Like Hell” and gave her Fear & Fable EP a listen or two. It was clear after only a few tracks that Fleurie was not simply a one or two hit wonder but an artist that is destined to be in my regular music rotation.

It didn’t take me long to discover that Fleurie has a new EP, Arrow, dropping September 4th and I was especially happy to find two new singles from that release. “Fire In My Bones” is a more upbeat track than the previous tracks I had listened to but no less atmospheric or affecting. While dream pop wasn’t something that I found myself seeking out much before this year I’ve found myself drawn more to the genre and artists like Fleurie are the reason. I seem to be unable to resist her pop driven pianos or ethereal synths paired with her quiet yet stirring voice. The other single, “Sparks,” is another uptempo song that shows that Fleurie is just as adept at producing catchy pop anthems as she is at crafting emotionally driven tracks.

It’s clear from the handful of tracks that Fleurie has released thus far that she’s destined for continued success. I look forward to hearing the rest of the new EP in a few weeks and seeing what else this talented Michigander has in store.

You can preorder Arrow over on iTunes for $4.99 and immediately get the first two singles.