New Discovery: DREAMERS

What I probably miss most about having satellite radio is the ease at which I discovered new music. It’s not like it’s hard to find new bands to love what with the internet and all, but all I had to do was listen to the radio whenever I was in the car and I was bound to stumble across something that I hadn’t heard before. Thankfully we get free previews around the holidays and I’ve already discovered a few new artists as well as rediscovered some old favorites.

One of the bands I found was the Brooklyn based DREAMERS. Their track, “Wolves” was playing during my commute home and I couldn’t help but turn up the radio and take in the new jam. I immediately looked up everything I could find on the trio when I got home, stumbling first upon their psychedelic website and their manifesto. “We are impractical. We do not listen to those that doubt us. We push the boundaries. We believe that nothing is impossible. we rewrite the rules. We create. We are boundless. We are enchanted. We are asleep to the waking world. We are DREAMERS.” Definitely a fitting description for a band that calls themselves DREAMERS.

The catchy hooks of “Wolves” caught my attention immediately and that chorus will be stuck in my head for days, not that I mind. The track is about the magnetic qualities of human interaction. Lead singer Nick Wold took the old saying that his dad would use, “If you like down with dogs, you get fleas”, and turned it into “If you lie down with wolves, you learn to howl.” The chorus goes on to continue on the theme of being dragged into someone’s world and experiencing both the good and bad. “You got me brainwashed / You got me so lost / You got me fucked up like you / You got me drugged up / You got me undone, falling in love like you do.”

DREAMERS started out as another band, Motive, and toured with the likes of The Vaccines and Bear Hands before going down to three members and rebranding themselves. The trio draw inspiration from all different forms of art including Hubert Selby Junior, David Lynch, and John Lennon. Their sound is that of 70’s rock and grunge which might explain why I can’t help but fall in love with it.

DREAMERS’ second single, “My Little Match”, is a bit closer to the grunge side of things than “Wolves” but it’s just as catchy. Clearly DREAMERS knows how to mix catchy hooks and memorable choruses perfectly.  I particularly love the raucous sound of the verses into the chorus where the sound comes down a bit to feature the beautifully crafted lyrics. Oh, and there’s some rocking strings which just makes the track that much better. It’s definitely hard for me to pick a favorite track.

Upon perusing their Soundcloud, I find that there seems to be yet another new single that came out just a couple of weeks ago making it even harder to pick a favorite. The 70’s rock / grunge is still there but there’s also a nice taste of surf rock on the chorus. Honestly with their talent for writing radio ready crowd pleasers, I’m surprised that I haven’t heard these guys on mainstream radio (at least in the Detroit area) yet.

While I really need to start working on getting my list of favorite albums together for the year, I think I might find it hard to listen to much else than the few songs that DREAMERS currently has available. Hopefully they’ll have a full length album for me to include on next year’s best of list.

You can pick up their E.P. on Amazon and iTunes.