New Discovery: Dead Poet Society

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Dead Poet Society have enjoyed a moderate bit of success from their Weapons EP as well as for their video for “1.4.5.” which currently has over 145,000 views on YouTube. Lead singer, Jack Underkofler, met guitarist Jack Collins and bassist Nick Taylor a few years ago and asked if they wanted to start a band along with drummer, Will Goodroad and thus Dead Poet Society was formed. The guys have been working hard, releasing 2 EPs and touring when they can.

Recently the guys have been working on new music and putting some hard work into their newest music video for their single, “Sound and Silence”. The track is about “the gratuitous amount of misinformation across social media,” says Underkofler. “Our message is to remind people how much power they have when it comes to hitting that share button. We, as individuals, have the choice to spread the truth, and we no longer need major media outlets to do it for us. “We are the sound and silence” implies that WE have the power to turn it on and turn it off – NO one else.”

band 2

While the song has some hard rock qualities of DPS’s previous releases, the guys have definitely grown a bit musically creating possibly their catchiest and radio ready song to date. This is the kind of song that gets crowds up and jumping at live shows and turns people that have never heard of Dead Poet Society into instant fans. The video features some strong visuals, the people with the bags over their heads specifically stuck with me and I kind of wish it was something that had been used a bit more throughout the video. That being said, it’s a strong showcase of the band performing along with memorable images that will stick with the viewer after the video has finished.

“Sound and Silence” leaves me wanting more, perhaps a full length LP, and has me hoping that Dead Poet Society will be hitting the Detroit area soon so I can hear it live.

Check out the band on Facebook and Soundcloud.