New Discovery: Brontosaurus

There’s a study that’s been floating around the internet recently that shows that the average person stops listening to new music at the age of 33. While I don’t think this will be true for me, I still have a little over 2 years to collect as many new bands as I can before I give up on new music altogether. In my mad attempts to exponentially up my music collection, I stumbled across Chicago based band, Brontosaurus.

To try and compare the band to any other act seems like an impossible feat so I won’t even attempt it. Mixing a variety of genres from folk to chamber pop and even some baroque, Nicholas Kelley and Nicholas Papaleo craft a unique sound that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. The guys are set to release their second album, Our Animal Ways on June 9th and even just having to wait just over two weeks for it seems too long.

Thankfully there are currently three tracks available for your streaming pleasure on the band’s Bandcamp page linked below. “D Minor Threat” is a really great example of everything you should expect to experience when you listen to Brontosaurus. The track starts with some staticky guitars before Papaleo’s herky-jerky keyboards come in complementing the driving bass that will drift in and out throughout the track. “D Minor Threat” is dark and ominous throughout making it a great way for the guys to start off Our Animal Ways.

My favorite track of the three is definitely “Safe to Surface.” Not as heavy as “D Minor Threat”, “Safe to Surface” features beautiful piano compositions with acoustic guitars that build and build throughout the track offering a moment of repose before the final crashing moments of close of the song. “Dry Run” is another strong track that goes from explosions of sound to quieter moments where Papaelo’s emotional howls can truly shine.

After listening to these three tracks a dozen or so times, I’m excited to see how Kelley and Papaleo continue to explore tensions and release, birth and death, and light and darkness throughout Our Animal Ways. If this is the caliber of band that I can continue to stumble upon in the next two years I may not be that upset about giving up on new music after turning 33.

You can preorder Our Animal Ways on Bandcamp