Alexander Lynch - Wine Drunk

New Discovery: Alexander Lynch

Born and raised in the small town of Norway located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Alexander Lynch started performing by the age of 10. At the age of 23 he had moved to Grand Rapids and wrote and released his first EP, Love Lies, in 2016. The release of the EP brought Lynch to the forefront of the burgeoning indie music scene of Grand Rapids, earning him spots on bills with the likes of SG Lewis and Quinn XCII.

Lynch recently relocated to Detroit and started working as an artist-in-residence at the collaborative recording space Assemble Sound. Since starting his residency, Lynch released his first new single in 2 years about a month ago and has even more music on the horizon.

The new single, “Wine Drunk,” is a wonderfully hazy and atmospheric introduction to Lynch’s unique sound and style. The singer/songwriter described the track to Impose as “a story about recalling past emotional experiences through the filter of intoxication and isolation. It touches on several moments of regret in my life in a sort of self-deprecating cocktail. It’s taking all the decisions I’m not proud of and holding myself accountable for them. It’s a reminder to me that I’ve made mistakes that have affected me deeply, but that they aren’t what defines me. You can make mistakes and feel human while not letting it break you. You can be empathetic and you can grow to be better. Forgiveness in yourself is always possible“

The trippy vocals definitely invoke the feeling of intoxication with their dizzying loops and infectious cadence. Warm synths ebb and flow underneath Lynch’s smooth vocals in a hypnotizing way. What I truly love about the track is the atmosphere created so succinctly. The sonic layers build up nicely over the track giving it a wonderful cinematic feeling that I can’t help but hit the rewind button as soon as the track comes to an end. Regret has never tasted so sweet.

I can’t wait to hear more from Lynch and, thankfully, it seems like I won’t have to. According to his Facebook page, he’s set to release a new single on Friday, January 19th.

You can stream “Wine Drunk” on Spotify or pick up the track on Amazon, Google, or iTunes.