New Discovery: Saint Raymond

I was enjoying a small BBQ with my boyfriend, our mutual friend, and her son when “Everything She Wants” played over our bluetooth speaker. I quickly ran inside to check Pandora and make sure I made note of who was singing so that I could check him out when I had more time. As someone who keeps up on the up-and-coming, I was surprised to find someone I wasn’t already aware of – Saint Raymond. After some research, I realized I had heard “Fall At Your Feet” off of his debut EP, Escapade.

Callum Burrows, known as Saint Raymond, is a 19 year old singer-songwriter from Nottingham. His desire to become a hairdresser has been put on the backburner as he prevails in the music industry. Burrows independently released his debut EP, Escapade, in 2013, which landed on the iTunes Top 30 above Pink and Muse. “Fall At Your Feet” became iTunes Single of the Week. In 2014 Burrows released his second EP, Young Blood, and in May 2014 he released his third EP, Ghosts. He was lucky enough to open for Ed Sheeran’s Multiply Tour in England, Ireland, and the rest of Europe.

Ghosts opens with “Everything She Wants”, which is the very song that caught my ears, enjoying sunshine on our deck with friends. It’s a glimmering, up-beat tune with a perfect hook, “If I could give her, give her, give her / Everything she wants / If a could show her, show her, show her / Everything she needs.” The airy “Brighter Days” follows, proving Burrows has an ear for what is catchy. Ironically, it’s about a couple falling apart, “If you say you’re gonna leave for brighter days / If you say you think that things’ll never change / I won’t have to keep on pushing you away / If you escape, then I won’t have to.” If the listener didn’t pay attention to the lyrics the first time around, they’d never think it was a vulnerable song.

Burrows does a cover of The Jam’s “English Rose”, which was recorded live at BBC. His English accent atop the plucking of an acoustic guitar is spot-on. Title track “Ghosts” encompasses tribal rhythms, synths, and radiant guitars. It’s the kind of music that’s very easy to fall in love with.

Burrows creates music that will be stuck in your head for days. I’ve listened to all three of his EP’s for the better portion of the last seven days and have yet to get sick of it. I dig the electronic and ambient influences you hear throughout. I see him going places and after three EP’s in a years’ time, I’m looking forward to his first LP!

For fans of: Coasts, The 1975, Dan Croll