Mo Pop Festival 2014 Part V: Young the Giant and City and Colour

I was very excited to see the last two bands. Young the Giant‘s put out a fantastic album this year and I’ve been wanting to see City and Colour for years now but something always managed to come up.

Young the Giant took the stage to massive applause before jumping right into “Anagram”. Mind Over Matter was one of those albums that I fell more and more in love with with each subsequent listen and hearing it live only deepened that love. Sameer Gadhia puts so much into his live performance that I’m sure even if you weren’t a fan of the band, you’d still appreciate it. It was definitely my favorite performance of Mo Pop and, judging by the reaction of the crowd, I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. Although the audience at both stages had buzzed non-stop during each performance, everything seem to come to a quiet halt when the guys slowed it down with “Firelight” which might just be my favorite song by Young the Giant. It sounded beautiful live and I loved how the crowd joined in at only a whisper as not to overpower Gadhia’s voice. I knew City and Colour’s set was going to be nice and mellow, but I knew I wouldn’t fall asleep because the adrenaline of Young the Giant’s set was going to long after we left Freedom Hill.

The theater had finally filled by the time City and Colour took the stage, erupting into a roar when Dallas Green finally made his entrance. Even after hours of being in the sun and, for most, drinking a bunch of beer, the crowd didn’t seem worn out, singing along to the entire set. Between songs, Green told random stories, some about being on the road and others about what particular songs were about and what they meant to him. Even in a large amphitheater with all those people, it felt intensely intimate. By far, my favorite part of the set was the encore. Green reentered the stage to perform his favorite song, “Girl”, eventually being joined by the rest of the band for the big finish of the song. He, like many of the other bands that performed that day, saved all the crowd favorites for last which was just fine with me. Seeing City and Colour live was definitely worth the wait, and like I felt after seeing so many of the other bands perform, I can’t wait for him to come back again.

Mo Pop Festival was a success. I was so glad that it was possible to see all of the bands because I fretted for months as to how I would make the decision if they scheduled bands that I really wanted to see during the same time slot. I can only hope that next year’s list of performers is as incredible as this year’s was.

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