Mo Pop Festival 2014 Part II: Wild Cub, J Roddy Waltson & the Business, and Hundred Waters

The next three bands are the ones that I knew the least about and therefore were on the bottom of my Mo Pop Festival priority list. I know that seeing a band live can often sway me into at least appreciating them more and I was looking forward to getting to know these bands more through their live sets. I also hoped that they were planning on matching the energy and intensity of the bands before them so that I could avoid finding a spot in the shade to nap.

Wild Cub was the only band that I had actually listened to before. Their single, “Thunder Clatter” has been all over the radio and I gave their album, Youth, at least one listen before getting out to see them live. They aren’t one of my favorite newer bands, but I can’t deny how “Thunder Clatter” crawls into my head and gets stuck there for days on end. The song has a nice beat and I hoped that that would translate into a great, move your body live performance that would win me over a bit more.

I’m not sure what happened between MisterWives and Wild Cub playing the Harmonie Stage, but suddenly the sound was muffled, like the band was performing underwater rather than 50 feet in front of where I was standing. Sound quality aside, the Nashville quintet put on a decent set of indie rock / 80’s pop influenced tunes that kept the crowd’s energy up. “Thunder Clatter” received an especially warm welcome from the audience, many dancing and singing along.

J Roddy Walston & The Business was the only band that I hadn’t listened to at least once before the event. From the first notes of their first song I wondered how that could be as they have that wonderful, classic rock sound that I find myself unable to resist falling in love with. If there was a set that kept me going through the middle of my day, it was definitely this one. The guys put on a great performance, playing off of one another and the crowd’s excitement made for a wonderfully fun set.

I really wished that I knew the words so that I could sing along with everyone else. And oh that magnificent hair. The guys love to swing it around while they melt faces with their fantastic set. There was one gentleman on the lawn who seemed particularly into the set. He danced around quite animatedly drawing the attention of most of the people around us. By the end of J Roddy’s set, he had a few new friends dancing along with him. Watching everyone get into the music definitely made the experience more enjoyable and I’ll definitely be catching J Roddy Walston & The Business the next time they come to Detroit.

The set that Hundred Waters put on was probably my least favorite of Mo Pop, though that has nothing to do with the quality of the band. Their sound simply just isn’t my style. It reminded me a bit of Norah Jones meets Imogen Heap, which just about everyone else crowding around the small Harmonie Stage really seemed to enjoy. The sound was still messed up but that didn’t seem to detract from everyone’s experience. The band does pack some intensity into their set and Nicole Miglis has got quite the voice. I enjoyed the set and perhaps with some more listening the music of Hundred Waters could grow on me.

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