Michigander Live In Chicago

Michigander Releases Live in Chicago EP

It’s always great to see your favorite local bands start to make a name for themselves. Michigander first popped onto my radar a couple of years ago while perusing Real Feels’ website for some new music to fall in love with. I listened to the three tracks that were posted on repeat until I got to see Michigander perform live at last year’s Fusion Shows’ 8th birthday bash thus sating my need for new music for a little while at least. Thankfully the mastermind behind Michigander, Jason Singer, didn’t keep me waiting long. Singer’s nostalgia inducing single “Nineties” was released in April with “Mexico” coming out in September. Singer has spent the past year working hard and it seems like the hard work is starting to pay off. Singer will be opening for Twin Peaks in front of a sold out crowd next week and joining Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio) and Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids) later next month in Kalamazoo.

Today Singer releases two songs from a live set in Chicago and, thankfully, one of them is brand-spanking new. It’s no surprise that Singer’s music translates so well to a live setting. The already intimate feeling his tracks make it feel like he’s performing just for you when you see him live. The opening guitar riff of new track “Falling” instantly puts me at ease and if I close my eyes I can imagine that I’m sitting in that Chicago crowd. Shimmering backing guitars compliment Singer’s unique croon well. As always, the singer-songwriter manages to fill his vocals with so much emotion that it’s hard not to relate to his songs. His voice grows with every repeated chorus growing to a plea by the last one. It’s clear with this performance of “Falling” that Singer’s music should be experienced in a live setting.

It’s no surprise that “Mexico” works beautifully in a live setting. Singer’s raw emotion is even more palpable here and the musical build throughout only makes it better. Honestly it was hard to listen and write at the same time. I kept finding myself closing my eyes and just letting the music wash over me. It’s probably a good thing that there were only two tracks to listen to otherwise I may have never finished this post.

While I’m basically chomping at the bit to get a full length or EP release from Singer, at this time I’m happy that he keeps releasing new music regularly. Mostly I just can’t wait to see what the Midland, Michigan native is going to do next.

You can listen to Michigander’s Live in Chicago over on Spotify