Metro Times Blowout 17 Review Part II: Tunde Olaniran and Flint Eastwood

The second half of my first Metro Times Blowout night featured two artists that I have come to look forward to seeing live. We’ve reviewed them both before and although their music is very different, the reason I love them is the same: They put on a hell of a live show.

Since starting the blog, I’ve usually been able to find a friend or cousin that would accompany me to the concerts I attend, allowing my fiancé to enjoy quiet evenings relaxing at home. As much as he enjoys music, he just isn’t really into going to live shows unless he really loves the band. Since I couldn’t find anyone else to go with me though, Rick was kind enough to accompany me to both nights that I attended. He had listened to both Tunde Olaniran and Flint Eastwood earlier that day and enjoyed them but I was interested to see what he thought after seeing their live shows.

I took a bathroom break between sets and just happened to walk out just as Tunde’s dancers were about to make their appearance. Dressed in their white outfits with white masks and hats, they held hands and started to slowly walk into the venue. The crowd took notice as they parted to let the girls through to the stage, the buzz of excitement slowly growing in anticipation of what was to come. The music started and Tunde made his way out to a raucous round of applause.

I have been to a few concerts with Rick since we’ve been together and like myself, he just sticks to the head-bob and foot tap when watching a band play. The best thing about both Tunde and Flint is that they command you be actively involved in the show. They want you to sing, dance, and forget everything else going on in your life so you can just live in the moment. Perhaps the true testament to just how much Tunde Olaniran commands engagement is that he got Rick to dance. During “Brown Boy”, Tunde asks the audience to join in on the choreography. It’s a simple dance, just right arm up as if you are showing off your muscles, left arm up, and then shake it out. It was great seeing the infectious nature of Tunde’s live show take hold of everyone around me, especially Rick because while I was happy that he had joined me, it was good to know he was having a good time.

It was pistols up as soon as Flint Eastwood took the stage. Jax Anderson was her usual exuberant self from the moment the band was ready to go. Jax’s one goal while she is on stage is to make sure that everyone, and I mean everyone, is experiencing the music. You will put your pistols up, dance, and definitely get down on the floor when she asks. She is not beyond calling you out in front of everyone for talking or not participating while she and her band are performing for you and, honestly, it’s one of the best things about seeing them live. After all, isn’t that why we go to concerts? To forget the horrible day we had at work or the fight we’re having with a friend/husband/wife/parent etc. and just get swept up in the moment?

Tunde Olaniran and Flint Eastwood are glowing examples of why I go to concerts. While I admit that it would have been great to get to see some different local bands, I definitely needed the pick me up that these 2 fantastic artists provide and especially enjoyed experiencing it with Rick, who informed me that he’d love to see both acts again.

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Support the artists:
Tunde Olaniran’s music is available on Bandcamp, Amazon, and iTunes

You can pick up Flint Eastwood’s EP, Late Nights in Bolo Ties, on Bandcamp and iTunes