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Interview with Today Junior

Spring seems to have finally sprung which means summer is just around the corner and with it a stream of tracks vying to be the quintessential track of the summer. I submit for your consideration Boston trio Today Junior’s latest release, Single Forever. The band’s newest LP is stacked with 10 fuzzy surf rock tracks that scream summer. I got to chat with the trio about Single Forever, what they have coming up next, and what bands and tracks are sure to make their summer 2018 soundtrack.

Let’s start with a quick introduction to who Today Junior is and how you guys got started.

Today Junior: Today Junior is made up of brothers Harry and Mike O’Toole and Anthony Ambrose. The three of us met through the music scene and playing shows together in 2014.

I know you guys went started working on the songs for Single Forever right after you put out your last release, Ride the Surf. What was the inspiration behind diving from one album right into the next? Were some of the songs ones that just didn’t make it to Ride the Surf or were you guys just super inspired for the next LP?

TJ: After finishing Ride the Surf, we all were excited and driven to continue working together and make more music. The first song we worked on after Ride the Surf was “Primal Rage” which help set the tone for Single Forever.

You guys really expand your sound on this album, what was the experience of writing and recording SIngle Forever like? DId it differ much from previous releases?

TJ: We had recorded Single Forever instrumentally to tape with our homies at Blind Moose Studios in February of 2016. We crossed paths with legendary rocker Elio DeLuca before leaving for our summer tour and made plans to record the LP in the fall. Having all the songs written and recorded allowed us to focus on the sound and production of Single Forever.

You guys worked with ELio DeLuca on this album, what was it like working with him? 

TJ: Elio had such a heavy hand in the production of the album; from his extensive knowledge to music and recording, to the endless amounts of gear he offered. He also played several instruments on the album helping to shape the songs.

If you had to pick one track off of Single Forever to represent the album to a new listener, what would it be?

TJ: “Tramp”. It was our first single off Single Forever and we all felt it still represented the Today Junior sound.

Single Forever is chock-full of summer soundtrack songs, what artists, albums, or songs do you think will be the anthem for your summer of 2018?

TJ: We’ve really been listening to bands like The Kinks, Together Pangea, The Hives, and The Orwells. Songs that for sure make it to our summer 2018 jam list: “Cadillac” by Dutch Tulips, “Join the Club” by Hockey Dad and “Strange Galaxy” by Bruvs.

What’s next for Today Junior? Do you guys have any summer tour plans or are you just going to jump right into writing the next album?

TJ:We’re planning to release two new singles this summer, tour the East coast this fall and hopefully setup a SXSW tour that can bring us out to the west by next spring.

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