Interview with Leggy

I first discovered Cincinnati’s self-described swoon punk trio, Leggy, a few weeks ago when I wrote up a preview of this year’s Secret Friend’s Fest. I was instantly hooked to their punk infused with surf rock and sweet pop sounds. Thankfully for me, their new ep, Dang, was days away from releasing. Even better, I got the opportunity to sit down with singer / guitarist Véronique “Vero” Allaer to talk about everything Leggy.

First off, I love a good origin story so what’s Leggy’s?

Vero: Kinda a crazy story actually. a few weeks after graduating college in 2012, I took an accidental tumble off of a fire escape that resulted in a broken hip and a huge change in plans. I had a loose idea to go to grad school but I ditched those plans and moved back to Ohio and into a house with Kerstin (Bladh) and Chris (Campbell), and we started talking about forming a band and finally did it in 2014.

Your sound is an interesting one. Punk tinged with bubble gum pop with lyrics that bite. Where do you guys draw your inspiration from?

Vero: Thank you! I am super influenced by garage rawk revival bands like The Vines and The Strokes. I learned guitar by looking up their tabs. They were my favorite bands back in the day. I also thought that they were made up of total cuties, which may have influenced my adoration of the music. Lyrically, I look to songwriters who use their lyrics to create an identifiable personality or identity (like Lana Del Rey, Joanna Newsom, and Kesha) even if some of it is fictionalized. I also admire lyrics that can cut you to your core- like The Arctic Monkeys. Super personal, vitriolic shit. It made me realize that not censoring your feelings at all can really make for a better song.

Is there a song / album / artist that you heard that immediately made you realize that you were destined to do music?

Vero: I can’t point to one specific artist or album. A prominent fascination / fixation on the music industry- specifically female performers- is something I remember from an early age. Hearing the band Eisley when I was 13 really inspired a lot of my initial songwriting attempts.

Dang is your third EP, is there anything different about the way you guys write and record compared to your first or second release?

Vero: Dang is the first EP which we all wrote the music together, rather than me bringing the skeleton of a song to practice and then finishing it together. Recording it was a lot more spontaneous than our other EPs, it happened in a basement of our friend Sam Cowan (who recorded and produced the EP) in a few hours. I was literally finishing the lyrics as I was about to record them.

If anyone that might read this is going to hear one song off Dang that will introduce them to all things Leggy, which song should they listen to?

Vero:  “Even Lana!” It’s my favorite Leggy song. I love the melody and feel great about performing it. The lyrics are super personal and were written in one sitting. I also love the drums and bass, I think they are super catchy.

For me, Dang is an EP I would put on to get me pumped for the day ahead. What’s your go to song / album that gets you ready to go out into the world and kick as much ass as possible?

Vero: I would probably be listening to Drake or The Weeknd. I really like top 40 pop and hip hop and they (Kerstin and Chris) always make fun of me for it.

You’ve spent a lot of time on the road over the last year, what’s your favorite thing about touring?

Vero: So many favorite things!!!! Traveling and seeing new cities is amazing. Touring is definitely the cheapest way to see new places. Meeting new people sounds cliché but is so rewarding as well. Especially new cuties 😉 I also just love spending time with my bandmates-  they are my best friends and are truly the funniest people I know.

What would be your dream gig?

Vero: Playing the main stage at Bonnaroo would be a true dream come true. Kerstin and I went to Bonnaroo together 5 years in a row (Chris came one year!). A world tour would be unreal. I have big dreams 🙂

Make sure to check out my review of Dang and try and get out to support Leggy on their upcoming tour days:

1/21 Northside Yacht Club @ Cincinnati, OH
2/10 The Bishop @ Bloomington, IN
2/15 The Empty Bottle @ Chicago, IL
3/8 Go Bar @ Athens, GA
3/9 The Masquerade @Atlanta, GA
3/13 Saturn Bar @ New Orleans, LA
3/23 SoundPony @ Tulsa, OK
3/28 Total Drag Records @Sioux Falls, SD