Interview with Dream Chief

Coming off of opening for Zella Day and a sold out show with The Elms as well as having as well as having their new single, “IDK Why,” premiere on Sirius XMU, cousin duo Luke and John Tuttle, aka Dream Chief, are about to release their new Movement EP and I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with them about it.

Why don’t we start by giving everyone a little history on the band. I know you guys are cousins, when did you guys start playing music together?

Luke Tuttle: Oh, I mean growing up, John always played guitar and I always played piano. We were the only boys in our family, so naturally we became close friends, as our dads were brothers. At first we started out playing Christmas music together on Christmas Eve at family gatherings. In middle school, John bought equipment to produce music on and we kind of just started fiddling around with sounds and beats that we liked and adding guitar, vocals or keys over them.

And how did Dream Chief come into being?

Luke: As we started making music together, John and I chose to take it to a live audience. We began to play at coffee shops or little festivals our friends would have. We even had a drummer join the band. However, a little over a year ago, we lost that drummer and we kind of realized that we wanted to move in a different and more serious direction. We moved seamlessly as a two piece and it kind of just clicked to keep it that way. It put more responsibility and pressure on both of us individually, but it also made things very simple and clear. Last August we realized we were going to make this band our life’s work, we changed the name to something that we both felt represented us as musicians and people. So yeah, in a nutshell, that’s how Dream Chief came about.

Let’s talk a little about your new Movement EP, what is your writing process like and what’s the division of labor between the two of you? IE does one of you write the lyrics and one the music?

Honestly, its different for every song, sometimes one of us completely writes a song and then brings it to the other and we mess around with it until we like it. Other times we both equally write a song and come up with lyrics, etc. together. My favorite songs we write are usually during practice. One of us usually comes up with something, could be a synth lead or a guitar riff, or even just a vocal melody, and we kind of build this song around it from the ground up. It’s a very raw energy, and an emotional way to create music. I love not putting a lot of thought into the creative process itself. I definitely feel that music is kind of an orator for the the natural emotions we have in ourselves. So, making music in that way really clicks with me.

Since Movement is really the first compilation of songs listeners are getting at once of Dream Chief, what do you hope they take away from it?

Luke: These songs are a good representation of who we are. We want people to identify with the emotions we felt while writing these songs. We both love waiting for those moments in a song that just really knock you over or give you chills, and I hope we accomplished that with these songs.

You guys have already hit a few milestones and the EP hasn’t even dropped yet. What was it like getting “Electricity” and “IDK Why” played on Sirius XM followed by seeing “IDK Why” get a thousand plays in its first week on Soundcloud?

Luke: Pretty surreal for us. Hearing our songs on Sirius was definitely one of the best feelings we’ve had so far.

I know you guys have done some big shows for such a young band recently like opening for Zella Day and playing a sold out show with The Elms, what were those experiences like?

Luke: We had a great time at both of those shows. We were just extremely grateful for the people that helped hook us up with those shows and gave us the opportunity. Both of those acts are wonderful, and getting to open the stage for them was fantastic.

Speaking of shows, you guys have an album release coming up, can you tell us a little about that show?

Luke: Yes, we are releasing our Movement EP September 12, which is also the day of our Release Extravaganza at Be Here Now (Ball State). We’re super stoked for this show. We’ll be giving away a couple one-of-a-kind clothing items as well as playing a DJ set to close out the night. Moonbeau and Bliss Nova are also on the bill.

What are Dream Chief’s plans after the album release show? Is there a tour on the horizon or more music coming our way?

Luke: We are planning on a bit of both, actually. We want to begin a more continuous flow of our music, rather than only doing compilations of songs. The next thing after the EP will be music videos, which are always super fun for us to write/create.

Stay tuned for our review of Movement which drops September 12th and make sure to hit the guys’ release party if you can!