Concert Review: Silent Lions, Flint Eastwood, and Stepdad

Friday, November 15, 2013: The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, Michigan

On November 14th I was notified that Stepdad was coming back into town. After regretting not seeing them earlier in the year—they toured through Michigan quite a bit—I was stoked! Immediately I contacted my partner in crime, Jessica, and told her we had to go. Ironically, I had been listening to Stepdad quite a bit that week after “Cutie Boots” shuffled through my playlist and really spoke to me.

It was the first time we would be attending a live show at The Blind Pig. There was convenient, cheap parking ($1.40 per hour) kiddy corner from the venue. We had about twenty minutes to spare, so we wasted time in Saloon 8, before we headed back up ten minutes before doors opened at 9pm. Frustratingly, the doors didn’t open until 9:30pm (for whatever reasons we were unaware of), but that allowed us to bond with the two girls that came to see friends play in Silent Lions.

Inside we were greeted by Briana, who tours with Stepdad as their merch girl (and is the stand-in tambourine player during “Jungles”). She kindly gave us a pin and sticker for free: score! The Blind Pig is a small intimate bar with stools along both walls. We quickly picked seats to the left of the stage and decided we’d take it easy during the show.

Silent Lions hit the stage first. They describe themselves as a “two-piece, effected bass and drums, chill punk/spooky soul, from Toledo, with good friends in Detroit.” Dean blew me away! He not only rocked the bass, but he also was dealing with a piece of equipment, quite like a synthesizer, that added a unique blend of sounds to each song. Each of them have impressive vocal tone and control. These two guys are talented considering they are only a bass and drum duo.

Runnin’ Me Down
Stolen In The Heat Of The Moment
Terrible Days
Crash & Burn
Space In Time

The second band to take the stage was Flint Eastwood. As their fan page describes, “a spaghetti-western cooked in the ovens of Detroit.” I couldn’t have said it better myself; that description fits them to the T. I’m not usually a fan of female vocals, but they could not have picked a better lead! Jax Anderson has amazing crowd control and stage presence. Her energy really rocked the house; I’ve never witnessed a band coerce everyone to sit on the floor—not once, but twice! Her interaction with the crowd stole the show. More bands should follow her lead.

Can You Feel Me Now
Billy The Kid

As Stepdad gathered on stage I was immediately overwhelmed by finally getting to see these guys live. The best part of the show is not only finding new music, but seeing the band that brought you to the venue in the first place. Looking at Ultramark, you’d never think he could pull off the vocals he does; he has quite the pitch range. Stepdad is a group of very individualistic people and that shows within the music they create together. This band is everything I want (plus some) when it comes to indie electro-pop. I love, love, love the creativity within their music as well as the lyrics they choose. Although they didn’t play “Cutie Boots,” there was no way I’d be leaving this show disappointed.

Starfriends on Earth
Running (Does That Mean You Care?)
Pick & Choose
Must Land Running
Will I Ever Dance Again
Got The Bite
Show Me Your Blood
It’s You
My Leather, My Fur, My Nails

There is something so awe-inspiring about sharing a small room with a group of people that love music just as much as I do. The aura, the live music and the amount of people who only care about what is happening in that very moment… unexplainable. The feeling is something I just can’t put into words or explain to someone who has yet to experience something so extraordinary.

I’d also like to thank each band for taking time of out their day to respond back to my private message asking for setlists. Jessica and I had just started talking about launching this blog and we had decided we should start with this concert. Without being organized at all, we realized too late that we should add setlists to our reviews. That said, I appreciate each response. Thank you.