Concert Review: Silent Lions and Reignwolf

May 14, 2014: The Shelter, Detroit

The guys in Silent Lions were nice enough to invite me to their show at The Shelter so I decided to go and check out Reignwolf. Silent Lions always put on a great show and I was intrigued by the two Reignwolf singles that Google Music had.

I got to the venue just after doors and made my way to the front for Silent Lions. I was happy to see the guys getting to play a slightly bigger venue along with opening for an up and coming band that clearly had lots of fans. It’s very exciting to see a band that works so hard get the attention they deserve.

Dean Tartaglia and Matt Klein always seem to be completely in sync with one another but they were especially in tune during this set. Like all their music, Silent Lions’ set is a non-stop growl of rock infused with soul. They move from one song into another with barely a breath between, which works wonderfully for the energy they create. Between Dean’s head banging and thrashing and Matt’s energetic bursts of drum slaying you’ll be unable to resist the urge to let those inhibitions go and rock out as if you’re home alone with the music blaring. The packed crowd really seemed to enjoy the guys’ set and their infectious energy helped get everyone pumped for Reignwolf.

Reignwolf was coming off a tour with Black Sabbath which might explain the fairly packed crowd that had gathered in The Shelter for the event. I had only been able to find a couple of tracks on Google Music so I was going into the experience relatively blind. It didn’t take long to figure out why so many people showed up. Jordan Cook is a beast when it comes to the live show, he clearly loves what he does and appreciates each and every person that has come out to see him. Priority one is to ensure that each person has a good time. From interacting with the crowd to showing off by playing his guitar AND the drums at once, Cook clearly wants to provide an experience for his fans and he definitely succeeds. The set was laced with guitar solos and jam sessions, including a set of songs where Cook and crew stepped into the crowd to play and bond with his fans. There was no encore, Cook just went over to his merch table encouraging everyone to come over and hangout. With energy and charisma like this, it’s no doubt that it won’t take long for Reignwolf to be headlining arenas shortly.

I’m definitely glad I made it out to The Shelter to catch Silent Lions and Reignwolf. Both bands are full of talent and a work ethic that catches the attention of anyone who gets out to see them live. It was an exciting evening and definitely a concert experience that I won’t be forgetting any time soon.

Silent Lions has music available on iTunes

You can pick up Reignwolf’s music on Bandcamp, Amazon, and iTunes