Concert Review: Flint Family BBQ Featuring Blaire Alise & the Bombshells, George Morris & the Gypsy Chorus, Monument, Monument, Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers, and Flint Eastwood

May 31, 2014: The Crofoot, Pontiac

Every time we get out to see Flint Eastwood they are doing something bigger than they have before and we couldn’t be happier for them. So when they announced their first annual Flint Family BBQ to celebrate heading back into the studio to churn out some new music, we just knew we had to be there. The promise of great grilled food and the chance to experience other fantastic Michigan music only sweetened the deal. So we got there right when doors opened, grabbed some pulled pork sandwiches and found a spot on the balcony of The Crofoot to enjoy the evening ahead of us.

We were lucky because all the acts preceding Flint Eastwood were new to us which is always exciting especially when they are all home grown musicians. First up was Blaire Alise & the Bombshells, who just happened to be celebrating the release of their newest album, For My Darlin’. Blaire seemed to be a bit nervous but it translated into some charming chit chat between songs. The 50’s rockabilly sound was a perfect way to start off a night that was meant to kick summer off.

George Morris & the Gypsy Chorus took the stage next, filling The Crofoot with 80’s influenced electro pop to keep the crowd pumped up. Whlie Blaire and her Bombshells were able to get the crowd tapping their feet and swaying along, George Morris got everyone dancing to his catchy beats. George Morris and the Gypsy Chorus are full of stage presence so even if you aren’t a fan of their glam rock sound, you’ll find it hard to resist the infectious draw of their dance inducing beats.

While Monument, Monument had the most low key set of the night, they were probably my favorite new find. Their sound reminded me a bit of Jimmy Eat World and a slew of other bands that helped me define my personal music tastes back in the day. The melodic pop rock was nice and relaxing, providing a great way for everyone to conserve their energy for the last acts of the evening.

It’s always exciting to see a band that utilizes a myriad of instruments during their live performances. Add a saxophonist dressed in a loin cloth and a branch wrapped around his head like a crown and you get Joe Hertler & the Rainbow Seekers. Hertler’s voice is smooth and reminded me a bit of Jason Mraz. The music was filled with upbeat melodies that are perfect for a summer barbecue, and definitely a great way to get us all pumped up for the main event.

There had been a lot of of buzz around the venue about what Flint Eastwood had in store for us. All we really knew was that it was going to be a bigger show than they had ever produced before. We watched as they began to set up, taking notice of the string section and trumpeter that were tuning their instruments as The Crofoot techs began setting up the projection screen. Soon, everyone cleared the stage and the lights went out.

Flint Eastwood entered to some classic western fanfare and a raucous round of applause. As usual the band was its typical ball of energy with Jax Anderson getting the audience as pumped as she could. As promised, their set was bigger and better than anything their fans had seen before. The night included a video premiere for a new song as well as guest vocalists, Passalacqua, to perform a song of theirs that Jax is featured on.

It was another memorable night from a great band that definitely has big things on their horizon. All I can say is see Flint Eastwood while you can because it won’t be long before they are playing to large, sold out arenas.

Here’s a video from Hip in Detroit from the evening to give you a taste of the Flint Eastwood experience.

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