Concert Review: Finish Ticket, Misterwives, and The Mowgli’s

April 22, 2014: The Shelter, Detroit

The Californian indie pop-rock band, Finish Ticket, took the stage to get the energy pumping throughout the crowd. Frontman Brendan Hoye has tremendous vocal control and is spot on when it comes to his talents. During their seven song set I kept hearing a mini Brendon Urie (Panic! At the Disco), especially during “Doctor”. Hoye shared a song that has yet to be named that they began writing in Ann Arbor, during a previous tour, followed by “Pockets” which is about the band following their dreams, getting outside of San Francisco, and just doing what they love. During Finish Ticket’s set I felt as if I could have been at their headlining concert; they didn’t really give me an ‘opener’ feel; their energy and sound was expert level.

As Mandy Lee from MisterWives appeared from behind the curtain the crowd roared. You could definitely tell not everyone was at the show to see The Mowgli’s and I appreciate that greatly, seeing as I’ve bought plenty of concert tickets to see the openers myself. I hadn’t really given these guys a listen before the concert, which is unlike me, but sometimes I enjoy hearing a band live before I hear produced music. There’s something about a live performance that can result in me falling in love with a band that I wouldn’t necessarily enjoy outside of the live experience. Lee was energetic, bouncing around the stage, shakin’ her tambourine like a pro during “Twisted Tongue” and Dr. Blum rocked the stage with his trumpet solos, especially during “Imagination Infatuation”. Lee dedicated a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” to two girls that baked her vegan cookies and laughed about how her own mother won’t even bake her vegan cookies. They closed out the night teaching the crowd a portion of a song and Lee claimed we’d all sound like a “choir of angels.” As they exited the stage the crowd was begging for more, cheering “one more song!”

I was pumped when the app Bandsintown alerted me that The Mowgli’s were coming to Detroit. It was unquestionably a must see concert in 2014 for me after falling in love with them late last year. As soon as the band gathered on stage they jumped right into “The Great Divide” followed by “Emily”. Between songs, Colin Dieden shouts, “we believe love can change the whole fucking world!” which led them into their fourth song, and one of my favorites, “Clean Light”. I enjoyed Dieden’s chatter between songs; it was lighthearted and funny. The Mowgli’s treated us to a new song (which was titled “Sunlight” on their set list) and was happy to announce that they’re working on a new album. They covered Hall and Oates’ “You Make My Dreams (Come True)” which had everyone singing and dancing all over the place; even the parents that had brought their children to the show–it was adorable! They ended the night with “San Francisco”. Katie Earl came back out on stage for the encore alone and said she wasn’t doing it without the band, lightheartedly joking that we need to help her sing because she’s been singing the whole night! They closed the night with “Hi, Hey There, Hello”.

I felt that this show was very cohesive from the openers to the headliners. Each band at a professional level, giving great energetic performances to each and everyone who shared their time with them. I’d see all of these bands again in a heartbeat.