Concert Review: Big Scary and Jeremy Messersmith

June 3, 2014: The Pike Room, Pontiac

The chance to see Jeremy Messersmith twice in one year was definitely something I couldn’t pass up. His newest album, Heart Murmurs, is still holding on strong as one of my favorite albums of the year and I knew seeing it performed live again would only make me love it more.

The opening act was Australian two-piece, Big Scary. Tom Iansek and Joanna Syme use piano, drums, guitar and electronic samples to create atmospheric music that defies any genre classification. The duo started their set with “Invest”, a track off their newest album Not Art which was released last year. The moody piano along with Iansek’s aching voice and Syme’s driving drums instantly had me hooked and wanting more.

While most of Big Scary’s set was more mellow and moody, the pair picked up the pace a bit with “Gladiator” off of their album Vacation. The song featured Iansek on guitar rather than his keyboard and the song had a great indie rock sound. I really enjoyed the Aussie duo and look forward to getting to see them perform live again.

I’m fairly certain that Messersmith didn’t change his setlist from when he performed for us back in February, but honestly I didn’t really care. For one, the original set was filled with most of my favorites including just about his entire new album, Heart Murmurs, and really I just love hearing Jeremy’s voice.

I paid more attention to the crowd’s reaction to Jeremy’s set this time around. There were a few people who just seemed to be at The Crofoot for an evening out and had never heard Jeremy’s music, while others just didn’t know the tracks from his newest album. It was great watching these people become fans as they listened to each song. I especially liked when he played “I Want To Be Your One Night Stand” which from the title doesn’t sound like the romantic song that it is.

Jeremy took one request (“Tatooine”) before closing out the night with “Someday, Someone”. It was another magical evening with Jeremy Messersmith who is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite performers.

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