Concert Review: Bastille and Grizfolk

January 19, 2014: The Royal Oak Music Theatre, Royal Oak, Michigan

Grizfolk, a band from Los Angeles and Stockholm (currently residing in California), opened for BΔSTILLE. I listened to their single “The Struggle” before the concert, but other than that I hadn’t heard of them. They’re a drum led alt-folk band that has gained a fan in both Jessica and me. Frontman Adam Roth has a smooth voice with an edgy tone, which certainly lets us hear his southern roots and goes nicely with their undeniably catchy tracks. The musicians of Grizfolk hail from Sweden, which explains their electro-pop influences. Grizfolk seems to be another one of those bands that will begin to top the charts since the new alt-folk genre is really hitting it off right now. Their EP “From The Spark” will be released on February 25th.

BΔSTILLE takes the stage, the crowd roars with fervor, and the night begins with “Bad Blood”―my favorite song! The venue was full of life, singing at the top of their lungs. The passion within Dan radiated into the crowd as he danced across the stage, banging on drums vigorously to “The Things We Lost In The Fire” and then slowing it down with “Overjoyed”―an awesome beginning to a bad ass concert that we were all about to witness. One of my favorite aspects about his album is the fact that you can clearly hear his British accent and that’s no different live! In fact, it was hard understanding some of the things he said to us because his accent is so heavy.

Dan covered a song from 2001: City High’s “What Would You Do?” and the crowd proved they hadn’t forgotten the lyrics. During “Icarus” he courageously climbed on top of speakers and leaped off of them, but his eagerness to please us didn’t stop there. Dan tossed his hoodie back on between songs, pulled up the hood, grabbed the mic and jumped off stage. With guards in tow, he walked the perimeter of the theatre singing “Flaws”, walking right through Jessica and me―we couldn’t have picked a better place to be! The theatre goes black once he makes it back onto the stage and the venue rumbles; everyone is cheering, awaiting his reappearance. Detroit welcomes Dan back onto the stage and he begins his encore with “Get Home” followed by “Of The Night” (a cover of Corona’s “Rhythm Of The Night”). He had us all get low and come up jumping, such a fun way to interact with the crowd. He finished off the night with “Pompeii”, the hit that made him a star and topped numerous charts.

Dan kindly thanked us after every song, but I honestly want to thank him for giving us such an amazing night―a concert that will be hard to beat and a magnificent way to start off 2014! I hope we all made such an impact on him (his first time in Michigan) as he did us. Dan is truly gifted and ardent; BΔSTILLE has a sound that no one else can compare to and is definitely a band that you need to see live. It’s practically Bucket List worthy, just unbelievable! He also treated us to two new songs, “The Draw” and “Blame”, which makes me anticipate a new EP/album.