Album Review: Blitzen Trapper – VII

I ran across the title track off Blitzen Trapper’s album Furr last night, which caught my ears. However, I noticed that they had just released VII in December (thanks

Blitzen Trapper is a folk/rock sextet formed in Portland, Oregon. Throughout the album you can definitely hear their alt-country tone. While I am not a country-loving woman, the folk/rock vibes make up for all they have to offer. Eric Earley’s voice and the harmonica overall reminds me (slightly) of Kid Rock. It’s a catchy album, probably something you’d listen to sitting around a campfire, drinking a beer, and enjoying company in the woods.

Their single “Shine On” has to be one of my favorite songs on the album. Eric Earley sings, “There ain’t no love like a love that shines / Baby don’t let your lamp run dry,” reminding everyone that once love starts to dull, do something to keep it fresh and new–relationships are work! He slows it down with “Ever Loved Once,” a song about running into an ex-lover and the emotions within that moment: “If I ever loved once, you know / I never loved right by you.” Both great songs and the rest of the album is as well, definitely a sound that wasn’t in my music library previously. I’m happy with the new addition and I’m looking forward to listening to all of their other albums as well.

Pick up the album on the band’s official site, Amazon, or iTunes.