Album Review: Young the Giant – Mind Over Matter

Honestly had I not heard the radio DJ announce that they were about to play a new single by Young the Giant, I would not have known that “It’s About Time” was by them. The song was definitely more rock infused than their self-titled LP, and I was interested to hear what else their newest album would have to offer.

It’s clear on Mind Over Matter that the band is really trying to challenge themselves. The lyrics are deeper, the compositions are more complex, and the album as a whole just feels more polished. “Anagram” is a great indicator of how the rest of the album is going to play out, with its fluctuating tempos, fidgety guitars and surging strings under Sameer Gadhia’s swooning vocals. “Crystallized” takes the band back to its indie-rock and SoCal roots while “Mind Over Matter” has an 80’s feel to it with it’s synth laden bass lines. The album slows down a bit with “Firelight” which allows Gadhia’s smooth vocals to slide delicately over ambient instrumentals. With its melodic guitars and Gadhia’s signature falsetto, “In My Home” offers the closest glimpse of the old Young the Giant sound and kicks things back into high gear for the last half of the album.

Young the Giant does a great job at beating the sophomore slump, putting an album out into the world that will both please the masses and prove that they are anything but stale and uninspired.

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