Album Review: Van Damsel – The Sunshine, Girl EP

Van Damsel followed us on Twitter, so I kindly checked out their new EP The Sunshine, Girl as soon as I was able to crawl out of bed on my day off. After finding their album on Bandcamp, I began listening and their title track, “The Sunshine, Girl.” This quartet had me moving in my seat (okay, lets be serious, I’m still in bed). Either way, they’ve won me over–they’ve gained a new fan in me (and hopefully Jessica when she gets a chance to listen).

They describe themselves as “a guitar-driven indie-rock act with a modern edge, combining an upbeat, danceable, and hard-hitting sound with ambient, emotional textures and genuinely relatable lyrics.” I enjoy their musical intermissions – really good jam sessions between lyrics! I look forward to seeing where these guys go. Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to catch them on tour.

Check them out on Bandcamp, Twitter and become a fan on Facebook!