Tim Korenich What A Weird Thing

Album Review: Tim Korenich – What A Weird Thing

It’s been eight months since I used Tim Korenich’s single, “Darlin’,” to help me beat the winter and procrastination blues. Now his new album, What a Weird Thing, is helping me get back on track again. Life has become a bit stressful these days and Korenich’s album is just what I needed to take a moment away from everything and get completely swept up in the dreamy world he weaves on his debut LP.

I could feel all the tension melting away as soon as the opening guitar riff of “What It’ll Take” hit my ears. Korenich’s soft croon draws you in while the bluesy guitars fill in the spaces between. The song fleshes out nicely while managing to hold onto the mellow vibe and ease you into What a Weird Thing. A single repeating piano note leads you into the wistful “SRT.” The tension builds as percussion and pianos are added in until finally releasing with some lovely horns and harmonized “ba dum’s.” The built up urgency leading into the sultry saxophone really make this short track stand out.

After the opening tension of “SRT,” the ambient, lullaby quality of “Natural Light” is a welcomed one. The simple guitar chords and textures build nicely to the horns that take you into the last half of the track. I can see myself turning to this song when I just need a moment to calm down and breathe in (which seems to be a regular occurrence this week). If “Natural Light” is the song that lulls you to sleep, “How We’ve Grown” is what wakes you up the next morning. The opening guitars feel like dew drops falling as the sun starts to peek through your window. The harmonies and layered instrumentals enfold you in the warmth of Korenich’s airy vocals.

Like “Darlin’,” “Sweet Summer Rose” is a glimpse into music’s history, as Korenich puts his spin on a 50’s love song. The lyrics have that sweet, sappy quality that will have you melting in no time. “Tim vs. The Weasel” brings us back to present day with synths and lyrics about “mid-90’s MTV VJs.” There’s a bit of a folksy vibe to the staggering pace of the track that has me going back to listen to it a few times before moving on to the last tracks on the album. “Carried Away” offers an upbeat tempo and distorted guitars with a glance of some good ole rock and roll. Album closer “Tension” opens up with some lovely harmonies before the meandering beat kicks in. The song is a nice pace between the slower tracks on the album and “Carried Away.” Some wonderful sludgy guitars take the album out and leave me craving more.

My week has been a rough one full of a lot of frustration and I’ve been using What a Weird Thing to help get me through it. I’ve still got a lot of albums to sift through in order to pick my favorites of 2015, but What a Weird Thing comes at just the right moment to make it contender.

You can pick up What a Weird Thing over on Bandcamp.