Album Review: The Stools – Q-Nails

One of the best things about running this blog has been the plethora or new music I’ve discovered in the process. I find myself listening to bands that I never would have even given a standing chance to before expanding my musical horizons a bit. Another big perk is getting more exposure to the local music scene.

Detroit’s The Stools is my newest find. The Stools play wonderfully loud, grungy garage rock like nobody’s business. Their new album, Q-Nails is stacked with ten tracks that should have you up and thrashing as soon as the opening guitars of album starter “Jet Fuel” hit your ears. The energy of the Motor City trio oozes out of every track on Q-Nails making you feel like you’re right in the room with the band as they play through the album.

There’s some great blues and punk inspired moments laced throughout Q-Nails as well. My favorite track, “Not You” features a meandering blues guitar line and some killer sax that builds to a frenzy as the track goes on. “Not You” feels like it would fit right into a Tarantino film during one of those long tracking shots he loves to do, which is probably why I love it so much.

Q-Nails continues to ramp up with each consecutive song. “Not You” saunters along into the non-stop, distorted guitars of “Talk ’bout.” This thrash inducing track brings the energy, slowing down a bit around the half way point only to pick back up again before the song closes. If you can resist the urge to get up and rock out throughout the two and a half minute run of this song, then you have more will power than me.

There’s a quick little interlude before the album goes full octane for the last three tracks. “John R. Boogie is a quick little thrasher that goes right into my other favorite track on the album “Coney Loose.” The mix of blues and surf-rock on this track make it perfect for blasting at the beach on one of these remaining hot summer days. The Stools don’t pull any punches with album closer “Wrong Bomb.” It’s a great track to close on because it keeps the energy high which makes me just want to go back and play Q-Nails over and over again.

Detroit is bursting with great music and I’m glad to have stumbled across another gem in The Stools.

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