Album Review: The Flats – Auburn in the Everlast

I think after the disaster that was 2016 we were all looking for to the new year and a fresh start. And what better way to kick off the new year than with new music? Toledo, Ohio’s The Flats have a killer new EP, Auburn in the Everlast, out tomorrow that is just what you need to get 2017 started out right.

The anthemic Oooh’s of the EP’s opening track, “Electric Light,” pull you in immediately. What I love most about the song is the way verses stay simple and quiet compared to the explosion of sound on the choruses. “Electric Light” begs to be played at full blast  as you sing at the top of your lungs along with it.

“Transparent” has a bit more of a somber feel to it. The sparkling guitars pair well with the introspective lyrics and like “Electric Light” feels like it would right at home on a movie soundtrack. This might be my favorite track on the album. It has this strange familiarity about it like someone that you just met but feel like you’ve known for years.

“Unviable in your World” has a wonderful synth rock vibe floating underneath the surface. The track has a light, fun feel to it which masks the serious subject matter. “Unviable is about being convinced by someone who believes they are superior to follow their path, you believe they have certain things figured out, only to find that they are not what they say they are. You life becomes more chaotic and worse in their presence.” says singer Chris Kerekes of the track.

What I truly love about Auburn in the Everlast is the overall message. Kerekes says “the EP title Auburn in the Everlast is intended to abstractly say ‘negative things forever in the past.’ The idea conceptually came from the thought/feeling that red or auburn can be associated with negativity and the past is something that fits the description of something that is ‘everlasting.’ Auburn in the Everlast is about entering into a new phase of my life. A rejuvenated, energetic phase while still acknowledging the reasons why I felt that the quality of my life was poor prior. That includes removing people from my life, having new people come into my life, feeling like I was finally living again, and also taking a hard look in the mirror and taking responsibility for what I did to create the situation.”

This is exactly the sentiment I feel heading into 2017 which already seems pretty great as I have a kick ass new soundtrack to get things started right.

Auburn in the Everlast drops tomorrow over on the band’s Bandcamp.