Album Review: Silent Lions – The Compartments

From the first note of “Runnin’ Me Down”, Silent Lions weaves a soulful, distorted journey through their newest EP, The Compartments. Dean Tartaglia’s often distorted voice slides over fuzzy bass lines, multiple synth loops, and eerie piano while Matt Klein’s thrashing drums drive the beat from soulful blues to psychedelic punk all within a matter of a few bars.

The 6 song EP pushes the limits of genre exploration and manipulation, taking risks that definitely pay off. The first track, “Runnin’ Me Down”, draws you in with a slogging base line and catchy hook before “Stolen in the Heat of the Moment” grabs your attention with a stomping beat that’ll have you drumming along. “Crash & Burn” takes some inspiration from lo-fi rock without compromising SiLi’s signature intricate sound. The duo slows things down a bit with “Condition”, a chilling hymn filled with a spooky organ and haunting vocals. “Everybody Freeze” marks the band’s most accessible song to date, providing a repetitive chorus that will stick in your head for days. The album closes with the aptly titled, “Space In Time”, which undulates with muddy bass and garbled vocals over an ever changing tempo.

The Compartments is a great glimpse into what this drum and bass duo are truly capable of and leaves the listener yearning for more.

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