Album Review: Parade of Lights – Golden EP

Los Angeles based Parade of Lights began creating music in 2011 and playing shows in the few states surrounding California. Core members Ryan Daly and Anthony Improgo have been creating music together since 2006; however, due to demanding schedules they ended up taking a break. After reuniting and creating Parade of Lights, the quartet released their first EP Born To Live, Born to Love in 2012. After seeing them perform live on March 3, 2014, we were able to purchase their brand new EP Golden before the release date of March 25th.

The title track bursts into life, sending electro-pop tingles down your spine, and sets high expectations for the rest of the album. The buzzing, shoegaze beats of “Golden” remind me a lot of M83. Daly informed Rolling Stone that the second song on their EP, “We’re The Kids”, is about being young, carefree and the feelings that come along with it. He sings, “I don’t want to waste your time / Let’s just make it last tonight” to catchy tunes followed by engaging guitar hooks.

The soothing energy and down tempo beats of “The Island” make you long to put your toes in the sand and forget about all that’s stressful in your life, “lets fade away tonight, leave everything behind.” Parade of Lights slows things down and ends the EP with “Burn,” a song you sing with your hand up in the air, cheering, “You like fire, fire? Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh / You like fire, fire? Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh Ohh / So come on, let’s ride / We’ll take on the world tonight!”

Golden features a unique blend of 80’s influenced reverberated synth pop, intertwining layers of instrumentation. They could not have picked a better suited name for the band; the parade of lights created throughout their songs seem to instantly light up your life. This brilliant, multi-layered, and highly infectious four track EP has its listeners begging for more.

You can purchase Golden on Amazon and iTunes.