Album Review: Parade of Lights – Feeling Electric

SoCal-based quartet, Parade of Lights, have created yet another set of electrifyingly alt-synth tracks on their first LP Feeling Electric. Following their release date Parade of Lights will pack their bags to open up for alternative artist AWOLNATION on their summer tour across the East Coast and Canada.

The title track begins with intertwining layers of instrumentation as Ryan Daly questions, “I remember when I saw you / You know I couldn’t look away / You’re the spark that stars a fire / Tell me, do you feel the same?” The album continues as it moves onto “Wake Up,” opening up with loud, reverberating vibrations, but will get you clapping as soon as Daly starts singing, “Let’s get away tonight / Pack everything and hold tight / Come on make up your mind / Don’t tell me this is goodbye. A song confessing love, “I’ve been waiting for you all my life.”

Daly slows things down with “Undefeatable,” “Come on / Tear me apart / Rip through the middle / Put the knife in my heart” as he pleads, “Don’t give up and run away / You know you can be stronger / Doesn’t have to be this way.” The album wraps up with “Memory,” another down-tempo track about broken love and wanting to rewind time, “Can we just take it back to yesterday / Got so many things I wish I could say.”

For a very long time their debut EP Golden was on repeat; they’ve created some of my favorite synth-pop tracks. “Golden” has since been featured on The Voice, Super Boul XLIX, Mazda, and many others. If Feeling Electric is any indication, their debut LP is definitely stadium-ready and I’m excited to see where this talented quartet takes themselves this year. This multi-layered, highly infectious album has become my summer anthem!

The album will drop on June 2nd via Astralwerks Records. You can now pre-order their 11 track LP on iTunes and receive an instant download of the title-track “Feeling Electric”. You can also pick the the album up physically or digitally through Amazon.