Album Review: NOside – Rapidisassembly

Every year as soon as August hits I begin to crave fall. I love a good flannel or hoodie, some pumpkin pie, and, for some strange reason, rock and emo music. Maybe it’s the memories of walking around the campus of my old alma mater, Grand Valley State University, while the leaves were changing, headphones firmly in my ears blasting the likes of Something Corporate, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, and so many others that sparks the hankering for similar music. Whatever it is, the coming of autumn always triggers a need to seek out rock / emo and it’s always great to find a new band that fits nicely into my fall playlist. Enter Cincy foursome, NOside, a new discovery that I’ve been recently using to forget the hot days and fantasize about cool fall nights.

I’m instantly reminded of Say Anything when the first notes of album opener “Something About Foxes” hit my eardrums. From the hooky guitar riff to the Jack Macejko’s vocals that range from guttural to straight up crooning, “Something About Foxes” is a great opening track crafted to hook you from the start. “Trees Vs. Buildings” starts with some doom and gloom guitars and vocals which brighten up little but little until they explode into an emotional howl on the chorus. The switch from dark to light along with the scream at the top of your lungs chorus is what makes this track a standout among some pretty strong songs.

“Lazarus,” which is one of the singles NOside dropped about a month ago, shows a bit of NOside’s indie rock side and is one of their more accessible tracks on the album. While another band that steeped it’s first tracks of an album in emo and straight up alt rock may have stumbled at crossing over into a more pleasing sound for the masses, NOside shines brightly. Crashing guitars and drums interweave with a hooky bass line with Macejko’s impassioned vocals that will make the most emo kid perk up and thrash around.

“Seasonal Affective Disorder” is probably the most low key track on the album. Bluesy bass lines mixed with Macejko’s calming croon carry the mellow verses, picking up to a jazzier beat for the jam session choruses. The bluesy feelings carry over to “Gash in the Stern,” another slow burning track that makes a pretty catchy 2001: A Space Odyssey reference during the 70’s rock influenced end of the track that this movie nerd can’t seem to resist.

Galloping guitars announce the arrival of “Retail Prayer of the Kenwood Goose,” another rousing track that will have you back on your feet after the slower paced songs before it. “Britney” has a bit of a garage rock vibe to it with it’s rip roaring rock chorus and reverbed “Ooh Ooh Oohs” as well as the return of Macejko’s throaty vocals that add so much character to the track.

The album closes out with another single, “All in All” which takes things down to a nice and easy swing of a beat. There’s some more blues mixed with with wonderful 90’s rock guitars and actually remind me a lot of one of my favorite albums of last year, Prawn’s Kingfisher. The track slowly builds and builds sending Rapidisassembly off in a big way and assuring that you hit repeat and listen to the album just one more time.

NOside crafts an album full of big, emotional sounds that have me continuing to go back for more. The mix of genres feels so effortless and the emotional pack of Macejko’s vocals add a lot of personality and finesse to NOside’s sound helping them to stand out among every other emo / rock outfit currently out there. Rapidisassembly leaves the listener wanting more and makes this concert addict itching to see NOside perform live.

You can stream Rapidisassembly in its entirety over on SoundCloud or pick it up over on iTunes.